Oxiracetam Review

Oxiracetam is another member of the racetams. It is one of the four nootropics all of which were designed to improve the function of the brain. Nootropics were developed in the 1960's and 1970's, they are classified as supplements.

After several clinical studies and five decades of use there appear to minimal to no side effects with any of the four nootropics. However, you should always read the label or instructions for your own peace of mind.

Oxiracetam is more potent than piracetam although the two are very similar in chemical structure.

oxiracetam chemical properties

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How Oxiracetam can Benefit Your Brain

Oxiracetam is known as a super brain booster. Because it is more potent than its three counterparts piracetam, aniracetam and pramiracetam when used for the following reasons it seems to have a quicker and slightly better outcome, although it is not as potent as Pramiracetam it certainly has earned the title of a "super smart drug."

Cognitive abilities
Improved learning abilities
Recovery from strokes
Recovery from traumatic brain injuries
Reduce brain aging (dementia, Alzheimer’s disease)
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How Oxiracetam can Benefit Your Body

When your brain is function at an optimal state, your body also benefits. Because the neurotransmitters in your brain are activated and operating at a higher frequency, it becomes easier for your pain receptors to respond quicker to pain medications. Oxiracetam is also known to improve your immune system as it helps fight off invaders (germs) that can make you sick or it can rid the body of the germs that make you sick quicker.

Therefore, if you get the flu you could easily be over it within a few days instead of 7 to 10 days and the symptoms would be much milder. It also greatly improves the function of your central nervous system allowing you to process stressful events more calmly and it is known to improve symptoms of anxiety.

Oxiracetam Use and Dosage

Oxiracetam comes in tablets, caplets, powder and liquid. If you use the powder form, you will want to mix it with water or another beverage. If you decide to use the powder, you will need a scale that measures grams so you get the correct dosage. The tablets and capsules are pre-measured for your convenience.

However, if you need a vegetable capsule you can purchase empty ones and fill them with the correct dosage of the powder. The liquid form is more difficult to measure as you will need a gram measuring tube for liquid this can be mixed with water or another beverage.

The dosage is as follows 800 mg to 2400 mg spread out in a couple of doses either two or three doses a day. You would need to get a smaller dosage pill in order to successfully take the supplement correctly. The average length each dose lasts is eight hours.

Who Could Benefit From Oxiracetam

Everyone can benefit from Oxiracetam especially people in high stress jobs who have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend and people in a management position that requires them to do a hundred things at once. College students who spend endless hours studying are also great candidates for benefits of Oxiracetam.

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