Racetams – Most Popular and Used Nootropics

While there are several different categories of nootropics, racetams are far and away the most popular nootropics. They have very few side effects and can improve most parts of cognitive function in the brain. Since they are the most popular type of cognitive enhancers, there are many different types of racetams to choose from.

What Do They Do?

Racetams target many different areas of the brain. Many people choose them because they can halt and even reverse age-related memory loss. However, they can also be used to improve overall long-term and short-term memory. Other benefits of racetams include mood improvement and better speaking abilities.

These benefits make it the most popular racetams amongst students, those who engage in public speaking, and people whose jobs require them to take in and remember large amounts of information. There are more benefits of racetams, including better focus, increased sensory perception, and better physical strength.


Piracetam is one of the most commonly used racetam supplements. It is attractive to users because it's easy to take, can be taken in larger amounts, and is generally very safe.

Most people starting out on piracetam start by taking 800 to 1500 mg on a daily basis. This is the recommended dosage for most people, although some may exceed this amount as they get used to the power of piracetam. The amount you take in one day can be taken all at once, while others take it 2-4 times per day. Many users experiment with different schedules to see what works best for their brain.

In its natural state, piracetam is white and has a texture similar to sugar. One of the biggest benefits of piracetam is that it is water soluble. It can be dissolved into any liquid and taken that way. It has a fairly bitter taste, so some choose to take it in juice to mask the taste. It can be put into capsules, but it works more quickly when taken in its crystalline form. It is recommended to take piracetam on an empty stomach, so many users choose to take it prior to a meal.

This is a good nootropic for people to start with because it is widely available, typically very affordable, and more mild than other racetams.


Pramiracetam is similar in many ways to piracetam because the former is a derivative of the latter. However, pramiracetam is much more potent than piracetam. As a result, some people choose to begin with piracetam, adjust to the effects of racetams, and then switch to pramiracetam. Pramiracetam is seven times more powerful than piracetam.

Those who take pramiracetam typically take a dosage of between 75-1000 mg per day. For some people, the "ideal" dosage appears to be 1,200 mg per day. Users may take 400 mg three times per day, while others choose to take 600 mg twice per day. Like piracetam, pramiracetam is a water-soluble powder. You can get it in capsules, but it tends to work more quickly as a powder. You can also adjust your dosage more easily.

Which One is Right for Me?

Both piracetam and pramiracetam are very effective smart pills. If you are new to the world of nootropics, it may be easier for you to start with piracetam. Once you see how your brain works on piracetam, you can then decide if you want to step up to the more powerful pramiracetam.

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